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ZeroSum 1.0

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Just published our first iOS (iPhone) game to the Apple App store.

ZeroSum is a simple yet fast paced game where you try to prevent the numbers from reaching the left edge of the screen.

Use the left green triangle to decrement the value of the targeting reticle and the right green triangle to increment the value. Once the targeting reticle matches the left most digit “Zap It” with the red triangle. There are no levels or timers, just go on as long as you can in an effort to beat your own high score!

Hoping to add Game Centre support soon, had some technical difficulties with Apple but decided to push the game out ASAP!

Some screen shots below…


If you’d like to buy the game and support us, you can get it from the Apple App store by clicking the badge just below. Thanks for looking!